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March 2017

"My therapists were very important in any progress I have made. The facility staff were always kind, polite, and sincere. If I do need care again I hope that my experience would be as good as this one." – Female, 56, Outpatient

"I had an exceptional and intuitive therapist. I enjoyed the time I spent with her and the help she was able to give me. I thank her for her work." – Female, 18, Outpatient

“Thank you for the guidance, care, and concern given to me. I was helped just seeing there are coping skills that can help me through my journey." – Female, 52, Mental Wellness

"I think this program is very good and teaches great life skills. The staff is very helpful and caring, and so are the therapists and doctors." – Female, 50, Mental Wellness

"I would love to commend the staff of the Meadows unit. They were very helpful and friendly during my stay. They were also encouraging, and that helped me relax." – Female, 29, Mental Wellness

February 2017

"Staff did a great job of encouraging change in our hearts. I appreciate the care, worry, and compassion you have for the job that ya'll do." – Male, 25, Outpatient

"Staff members did an excellent job working with patients on the mental health unit. They do their jobs with passion, kindness and are more than willing to help. You also have an excellent yoga instructor!" – Female, 29, Mental Wellness

"Everyone was very understanding and a great deal of help when needed. Thanks to everyone who help me get better" – Male, 28, Mental Wellness

"The staff and doctors exceeded my expectations, and I am beyond satisfied with my stay! I won't miss y'all, because I will always remember each of you! A+ in my book" – Male, 49, Mental Wellness

January 2017

"I've had bipolar disorder for 35 years and have been in the hospital more than ten times. This is the best of all the hospitals I've been to. I have told my own therapist and psychiatrist this, so you will be getting more referrals." – Female, 58, Outpatient

"My therapist is top-notch amazing! She is loving and compassionate but is able to balance that with being straight forward and challenging. I also loved and respected that she never gave me answers. She always elicited them from me." – Female, 45, Outpatient

"I am so grateful that these programs and hospital exist. I am humbled and encouraged that I was in this facility. The staff is amazing and does such an outstanding job. I see each of you as an asset to this facility. Thank you for all you do. You save lives." – Female, 49, Outpatient

"So many on staff went above and beyond to make my stay and treatment go smoothly. They have been very kind and helpful." – Female, 40, Mental Wellness